All-in-One Guide for Better Car Condition

car careCondition and mileage are top factors that affect car value. At some point, resell value is not affected despite a high mileage when the car is still in good condition. But even if selling is not your idea, wouldn’t it be great to have your car in good condition?

So, just how do you care for your car?

Caring for Car Exterior

First impressions last, and this saying is true when it comes to car appearance. Therefore, car care should start with the exterior. Wash your car regularly using approved car care products. Skipping drying is a big no because it could leave unwanted marks on car paint from shampoo residue. You also need to polish your car for sheen and wax it for added protection.

Avoid using household glass cleaners when cleaning car windows because they usually contain ammonia, which damages tint. For the wheels, use a mild aluminum wheel solution for cleaning if you don’t know the type of wheel you have. Note that the cleaning solution for the wheels varies based on the type.

Caring for the Interior

The inside of a car is made of different types of materials such as leather, nylon fabric, suede, PCV, and vinyl. The general rule is to use the correct type of cleaning products based on your car interior.

Get rid of clutter and provide a trash bin inside the car. Wet wipes and other basic car care products are also a must-have, especially if you have kids.

Regular Car Checkup

Don’t wait for a problem to show up before you bring your car to the mechanic. Other issues may arise once it’s too late and even cost you more money. You should have your car checked every 3 to 6 months, and its oil changed each time it reaches 3 to 5 thousand miles, according to

More Tips for Good Car Condition

  • Park your car in a covered space to protect it from the elements.
  • Clean bird droppings immediately with car shampoo and clean water. Droppings are acidic and could damage car paint.
  • Check fluid levels regularly, especially before going on a long drive.

Car condition could remain at its best no matter how old a car may be with proper car care. This includes interior and exterior care, and regular visits to the auto shop.