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House Repairs That Need Immediate Attention

May 29, 2017

Home maintenance is costly. For some homeowners, it’s enough of a reason to procrastinate and keep delaying repairs to some future time. Some repairs aren’t that bothersome and are purely cosmetic. These can wait until you have a budget in place. However, others require immediate attention. To delay a repair […]

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Choose The Right Roof

May 26, 2017

Before you choose the walls or flooring of your home, make sure you’ve chosen the roof. Aside from sheltering your family from the elements, it also protects the foundation of your home. The roof is perhaps the most important component of a house. It shields everything from the glare of […]


Claiming Your EEOICPA Benefits

May 25, 2017

Radiation is a known carcinogen. It can be acquired naturally from the sun’s rays, old TV picture tubes, and machines such as x-rays. You can also get it by working in a nuclear facility or participating in nuclear tests. However, according to Dr. Bernard Cohen of the University of Pittsburgh, […]

Two Skiers on the Slope of a Mountain

Skiing: An Exercise for the Mind and Body

May 24, 2017

If you still haven’t booked a holiday this year, here’s a friendly piece of advice: go skiing. Once you set your heart on this trip, you are greeted by many options – from the choice of mountain to which chalet. Ski Line Limited has over 150 different ski chalets in Val d’Isere alone, one of the […]

Home & Garden

3 Quick Fixes to Common Plumbing Troubles

May 22, 2017

In an average home, plumbing problems come up due to a number of reasons. When these happen, it helps if you're armed with basic knowledge, especially on how you can address them properly and immediately. Luckily, you can perform a simple repair to avoid the issue from getting bigger. Here […]

Money Talk

More Mortgage Knowledge Means Better Chances of Finding a Great Deal

May 20, 2017

National mortgage rate averages inched higher on May 9, 2017. 30-year fixed mortgage rates climbed 3 basis points to 3.93 percent. 15-year fixed mortgage rates also climbed 3 basis points to 3.13 percent. Finally, even the 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage rose 3 basis points to 3.20 percent. It’s important to know these […]


Simple Secrets to a Happier Life

May 17, 2017

While it is impossible to live an entirely stress-free life, there are simple things you can do to stop stress from keeping you down. By knowing the right thing to do whenever pressure threatens to get out of hand, you can lead a fuller, more productive life every day. Here […]