Skiing: An Exercise for the Mind and Body

</p> <blockquote><p>Two </p></blockquote> <p>Skiers on the Slope of a MountainIf you still haven’t booked a holiday this year, here’s a friendly piece of advice: go skiing. Once you set your heart on this trip, you are greeted by many options – from the choice of mountain to which chalet. Ski Line Limited has over 150 different ski chalets in Val d’Isere alone, one of the most popular ski destinations in the French Alps.

While it’s the perfect excuse to learn techniques on the piste and gaze upon serene stretches of snow, skiing is also the source of many health benefits.

Other than burning 1,000 calories in an hour, the sport can help reduce anxiety, improve your mood and serve as a healthy way to handle life’s many stressors.

Reduces Anxiety

Being out on the slopes presents a change of environment. This mental break helps free you from any negative self-perpetuating thoughts that often blight our days. It takes your mind off on-going worries, allowing you to cope better with anxiety stemming from stressful life situations.

Improves Mood

There’s nothing comparable to the feeling of being out in nature and getting some fresh air. Skiing in the great outdoors brings about a feeling of both peace and elation that lifts you from your usual routine, improving your mood and overall state of mind.

Improves Thinking

Skiing provides a blend of muscle building and aerobic exercise, which can enhance your ability to think clearly and make decisions. The mental work involved in skiing exercises your brain as much as your body, potentially slowing down cognitive decline and age-related memory loss.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Skiing throughout the day at least three hours before bed can improve the quality and length of your sleep. By association, a good night’s sleep can improve your mood, memory and energy level.

Skiing at whatever pace is stimulating and an overall great exercise for your mind and body. There has never been a better time to do it than now.