House Repairs That Need Immediate Attention

Worker with yellow gloves replacing house roof tilesHome maintenance is costly. For some homeowners, it’s enough of a reason to procrastinate and keep delaying repairs to some future time. Some repairs aren’t that bothersome and are purely cosmetic. These can wait until you have a budget in place.

However, others require immediate attention. To delay a repair to save a couple of bucks may end up being costlier in the future. Here are some home maintenance needs you shouldn’t ignore.

Plumbing issues

Aside from causing structural damage in your house, plumbing leaks will inflate your water bills. Besides, leaking faucets and pipes could also cause mold growth in the house. Such growth could damage your furniture and also cause health problems.

Fixing broken pipes, faulty heaters, clogged and leaking faucets is not a DIY project. To avoid turning a plumbing issue into a massive plumbing problem, hire reputable plumbing services in Maine and have a professional repair those broken pipes or any other plumbing issue.

Roof problems

Your roof is one the most vulnerable parts of your house. If your roof allows moisture into your home, then you may end up dealing with a myriad of moisture related problems. Inspecting whether your roof slopes correctly is the first step.

Missing or cracked shingles and pooling of water are indicators of a roof that doesn’t slope properly. Punctures in the roof are a sure indication of a leak. Don’t wait until you need to replace your whole roof.

 A shifting foundation

Over time, your home’s foundation may shift as the soil beneath expands and contracts. The shifting can be something that doesn’t need your immediate attention. However, whenever you notice any of the signs below, the shifting is serious and can cause structural damage to your house.

Check for cracks in the floors, walls and the foundation. You should also look for cracks above windows, doors, or on the second-floor exterior. If there are gaps between the windows, doors, and frames, or if you have doors and windows that stick shut, these are clear signs that your foundation has shifted.

Controlling these potentially hazardous issues could prevent serious structural damage, health problems, and save you thousands of cash.