Gardening for the Dedicated Soul

Rooftop garden in urban settingFor some, gardening a form of meditation. When they are in the garden among the grass and flowers, they feel at ease while they cut and trim and pluck away with zen and panache.

Others, however, take a different approach. Gardening is not just therapy—it is a meticulous art. 

Their focus is more on helping the garden thrive, which require more in terms of materials and precision. Dedicated but challenged gardening enthusiasts should be knowledgeable with the must-haves for a kept garden: proper gardening equipment, professional stump removals, etc. 

If you are one of them, keep the following in mind as well:

1. All About Soil Control

Control you soil, control your garden: this is a mantra you ought to live by. For healthy soil, proper pH level is crucial. Most grasses normally favour soil pH between 6 and 7.2. Once you keep your soil in check, you can expect healthy grass growth.

Remember that unlike what chain stores would have you believe, there is no one-size-fits-all soil solution. What works for an Adelaide garden won’t necessarily work for one in Sydney. This is due to different soil compositions. Your best bet is to buy locally-sourced fertilizers, seeds, etc.

2. Mulch Away

Mulch comes in different forms:  wood, cloth, pebble and even rubber. Their main purpose is to prevent weeds from becoming too unruly, as well as to retain moisture in your garden. Organic mulch such as those made from recycled materials—newspapers, cardboard, chipped branches—are your best bets.

3. Tool Up

You can’t care for a garden with just your hands. Tools are important for plant trimming and watering and other her gardening tasks. Just like your garden, your tools need maintenance too. A dull blade could ruin your plants and give you a puncture or two. Do not risk it. Keep sand and oil at your disposal; these keep blades sharp. For more complex projects, do not hesitate to call professional help.

Dedicated gardeners swear by these rules. If you wish to join their roster, keep these suggestions in mind and suprise yourself with an astounding garden.