Nanny Background Screening: Crucial Checks

Criminal background check application form with glasses and ballpoint pen.The Founder of English Nanny correctly says that a good nanny is one who will be able to do everything a mother would at home. A great babysitter should nurture your child, understand the child’s basic health and nutrition requirement and be a loving companion, among other things.

While conducting an interview will help you select the right one for your child, you shouldn’t stop there. After the interview, you need to conduct these background checks to ensure that you bring a trustworthy person in your home.

Confirm Identity

To make sure that the person you’re screening is the actual job applicant, verify the candidate's name, date of birth, driver’s license number and social security number by crosschecking with the information the babysitter supplied when applying for the job.

Criminal Records Check

No one wants a criminal for a nanny. Nowadays, checking employees’ criminal records has been made easier, faster and more convenient. Conducting a police check online, across SA, will ensure that you hire a nanny with a clean record. Make sure that you check for any sex offences, felonies and misdemeanors.

Motor Vehicle Record Review

The ideal nanny should be able to drive your kids safely and responsibly. Confirm that the potential nanny has clean driving records; should be free from OUIs, DUIs and tickets for reckless driving. If you can’t request for the nanny’s driving record directly, ask the candidate to get a copy and present it to you for review.

Credit Check

Although some nannies find it intrusive for employers to check their credit status, financial troubles can be a source of tremendous stress for the babysitter. As a result, the babysitter may not be in a healthy emotional state to provide the best care for your children.

Social Media Search

Check social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may find interesting information there that could reveal the potential candidate's true personality.

To hire the best nanny for your child, you must approach the screening process with a keen eye. Don’t leave any stone unturned.