The Future of VR in Business

Man trying a VR headsetVirtual reality is probably the closest thing right now toward a new age of technology. With the rise of VR content and hardware in the past year, it is pretty surprising how the number of its users isn’t as high as those who own smartphones and tablets. But when you look at the price of VR gadgets that are currently available in the market, it all makes sense.

A Virtual Reality Check

It’s not that VR is suffering the Google Glass phenomenon. Gamers love it, 3D architecture companies such as use it to create compelling architectural designs into reality, and other businesses want to tag their products with it, but if a single headset will cost you around $600, VR is not something you can easily implement on a wider scale.

There’s also the issue of compatibility with the devices users currently have. Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE demand high-end specs that mostly the affluent can afford. Sadly, VR is still a luxury, but the good news is that some companies, like Intel, may turn the tables on the dominating VR players.

Toward Affordable VR Systems

Kim Pallister, director of the Intel VR Center of Excellence, discussed with the attendees of the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC) the next steps for making VR staple in the tech industry.

Pallister explains that some people who like VR don’t think a phone is good enough for VIVE, so they would rather aim for a solution in that area. She says that’s something she expects to see the whole industry focus on over the next couple years, which will be a piece of how you get down to more affordable price points. Or a VR that works with thin and light notebooks and doesn’t require a big desktop.

With Intel taking this direction, mid-range VR products might soon hit the shelves. Until then, people can wait. To be ahead, however, is to consult with VR experts as early as now on how you can take advantage of this exciting technology.

Within Your Grasp

If you’re looking forward to making use of virtual reality for your business or personal pursuits, it’s best to consult with 3Darchitecture companies, which have a fair experience in using this technology. You’d be surprised at what kind of innovative solutions VR can provide for your problems.