Reminders when Dealing with a Scorcher

Man fixing the air conditioning systemNew Jersey is no stranger to scorchers. Extremely high temperatures have been reported in June, and July is expected to soar to new heights as the summer season continues. With or without heat advisories in Gloucester and other parts of NJ, the weather can be so unbelievably hot that it could cause physical health issues.

Here’s what you should do to prepare for a scorcher:

Inspect Your Air Conditioning

The air conditioning unit is your best defense against the scorching hot weather. If you can, stay indoors where the temperature is more comfortable. Air conditioning repair and maintenance may be necessary, to avoid skyrocketing bills. If you have to go outside, do so at the cooler times of the day–early morning and afternoon. Sometimes, however, you may need to go out at noon. Be prepared for the sun by wearing sun protection and walking in the shade. Carry a bottle of water, too.

Dress Comfortably

Summer is not the time to be donning your favorite sweater or leather pants. Wear something breathable and cool to the skin. When heading outside, tank tops and breathable fabrics are your best options. For working out, choose fabrics that keep your body temperature cool and can wick away moisture. Get out of your sweaty clothes before they dry on your back, to avoid health problems later on.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

You cannot be expected to just stay indoors and lay in bed all summer long. But if you can minimize strenuous activities on the hottest parts of the day, you would be saving your health. This is especially important if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. Stressful activities can cause shortness of breath and other more serious health issues. If you really have to get the job done, take frequent breaks and pace yourself.

Heat is hard to manage, especially because the human body is sensitive to high temperature. Do your best to minimize exposure to extreme heat this summer. You need to be functional, but you don’t need to suffer.