On Roof Maintenance: The 3 Things that Cause Roof Damage

Man doing roof maintenanceWith proper care and maintenance, a roof can last a long time. But this doesn’t mean that high-quality roofing is not susceptible to roof damage. APEX Exteriors Inc emphasizes the significance of quality exterior renovations. Roofing is a crucial part of any structure, whether residential or commercial, which prompts the need for extra care.

To make sure that a structure is safe and secure, it helps to know what to watch out for in roof maintenance. Here are the three main culprits of roof damage, and when it is necessary to call roofing specialists in the Northern Illinois and Chicago land region.

Fallen tree limbs

If there are trees in the backyard, fallen limbs, especially large ones, can cause damage to a roof. This normally happens due to construction and gardening errors. But sometimes, strong winds and heavy snowfall also cause falling branches. When the tree is very old or suffering from disease, limbs can break and fall. Regular yard maintenance becomes quite important, as this involves checking trees for any signs of disease and treating them as early as possible. Such diseases can cause limbs to break a roof, or worse, injure or harm the family.

Badly clogged gutters

Needles and leaves can easily clog your roof gutters, cause a blockage, and damage your roof’s structural integrity. It may sound simple but clogged roof gutters can be a huge problem, especially during winter. With no investment in gutter protection, it is important that roof gutters regularly undergo cleaning and maintenance, especially in the autumn.

Pests and critters

Bird nests on top of a roof may look cute, but they can cause serious damage. Apart from tearing away the roof shingles, critters can make their ways into houses by eating their way through walls. Mice, for instance, can carry serious disease-causing bacteria. It is best to avoid these health risks. Make sure to routinely check for pests and critters nesting on top of the roof and immediately call pest control if there are any.

Roof protection is a critical investment. The routine ignorance of needed repairs can end up in a homeowner paying more than intended. A total roof makeover is also a possibility a homeowner would want to avoid. Regularly checking for the above mentioned causes of damage should prevent expensive repairs.