Bed Bugs And Secondhand Furniture: You Get What You Pay For

Exterminator smiling and ready to workSecondhand furniture is a practical choice when working with a limited budget. You may even get them for free. However, the savings you make from buying furniture will be useless if you’ll need to spend for skin allergy treatments later.

Bed bugs are resilient little creatures that can survive for more than 400 days without feeding. They can withstand cold and thrive in room temperature, as well. As if that wasn’t enough, bed bugs have very fast reproduction cycles. A female lays two to five eggs per day, and these eggs can hatch in 15 days max.

If you consider the nature of bed bugs, you should see why you should be wary of secondhand furniture. Bed bugs can easily get into the seams and upholstery while the furniture is in storage. If the pieces are already infested to begin with, the bugs can survive long enough for a new owner to come along.

Undetected Borders

Secondhand furniture buyers have a disadvantage: bed bugs that have lain in wait are not as easy to detect. It’s possible that traces of their excrement (which is one method to identify their presence) will have already faded. Moreover, the previous owner or seller will have already dusted off egg shells. Often, it’s only when the bed bugs start biting that you notice their presence.

Although bed bugs are more common in beds and sofas, you can also find them in the crevices of wooden furniture. Incidentally, it is these types of furniture that people usually acquire secondhand.

Early Detection and Bed Bug Treatment

If you can’t help but bring old furniture into your house (ex: a relative left you antique furniture), get them treated for bed bugs and other micro pests first. Yes Pest Pros, Inc., an environmental friendly pest control company in Indiana, recommends getting furniture checked even if you merely suspect that you have a bed bug problem. Early detection is the key to keeping your home free from bed bugs and other household pests.

So, unless you are certain that a seller has treated the furniture for household pests, rethink buying them secondhand. The money you’ll save isn’t worth the stress of dealing with the aftermath of a bed bug infestation.