Plan Your Legacy: How Do You Want Your Funeral to Go?

Woman talking to her daughter about her wishes before she passed awayEver thought about what your legacy will be to your children and to the rest of your surviving family once you pass away? You may still be young and strong, but you never know when you will pass away. By having plans ready for your passing, like funeral arrangements, your family will find your funeral easier to experience since they no longer have to take care of funeral arrangements.

Know Your Wishes

When you want to plan for your legacy, or at least for your funeral, McDougal Funeral Home says that you have to ask yourself first what you want to happen. Do you want burial or cremation? Do you want headstones or a mausoleum if you want a burial here in West Valley City? What casket do you want to have? You can deal with all the other details of your funeral to know what your funeral will be like.

Pay it Off

You also have the option to prepay for your funeral arrangements. Prepaying allows you to shift the financial burden away from your family. You have to ensure that everything will be paid, however. Do your research to secure your investment into your funeral.

Discuss with Family

Once you know your wishes, you can open up to your family. Open up the topic in the same way you opened up serious topics in the past. You can remind them that you want to talk about your legacy and life after you. You can also emphasize planning ahead because of your great love for them.

Plan with Your Family

Share your wishes and have your family share theirs. You can then take their wishes into account in modifying your funeral arrangements. Have them agreed to do whatever you plan by binding them legally through a legal will to ensure your final wishes will be respected.

Talking about your legacy, and in turn, the passing will be difficult. Expect tears to fall during conversations, but you will all be the better for it.