Enjoy Your Pool in Spite of Energy Price Hikes with these Tricks

Man replacing the pump of the poolDo you have a swimming pool in your home? You may have to brace yourself for energy price hikes. According to a study, the operational costs of your pool may rise as much as 53 percent. Such a surge can be a problem given that pools already cost about a thousand or more than a thousand dollars to operate.

Pool energy costs also take about 40 per cent or more of your entire household’s power consumption.

Increase Your Pool’s Energy Efficiency

How can you keep up with such energy hikes? You can optimise any kind of pool for energy efficiency, be it plunge pools, family pools, Olympic-size pools, and lap pools here in Perth. The more energy efficient you make your pool, the more savings you can get out of your pool operational costs.

Here are a few guidelines to help make your pool more energy efficient:

Replace the Pump

You can change your current pool pump to an energy efficient one for savings. You can trace back 70 percent of your pool’s energy consumption to the pump; you will significantly reduce your pool’s energy consumption already by replacing the pump.

Pumps today have star ratings similar to washing machines and televisions. You can easily choose the most energy efficient.

Cover Up

Besides replacing the pump, you can cover your pool up when unused. The cover keeps the pool clean and warm if the pool is heated. In this way, the pump and the water heater need to work much less and, thus, use less energy.

Even with an unheated pool, the cover can heat up your pool whenever the sun is up, allowing you to swim some time into the winter season.

Cut Pump Cycle Time

You can also save by running the pool fewer times than you currently do. You can set it to cycle the minimum amount of times per day enough to keep the pool clean. You will save even more in this way.

Now that you know how to optimise the energy efficiency of your pool, you can still enjoy your pool amidst the recent energy price hikes.