Giving teeth the care they deserve

Woman smilingNatural teeth should last a lifetime, but it is easy to forget about them apart from a quick clean morning and night. Prevention is better than cure and having dental problems can have a significant impact on quality of life. Effective care at home is essential for healthy teeth and gums, but regular appointments with a dentist in Belsize Park are also vital. This means that the dentist can spot difficulties early on and deal with them promptly, as well as providing advice on oral hygiene and cleaning procedures such as scaling and polishing. Many people not know that a Belsize Park dentist also checks for problems, including mouth cancer, and can help with issues such as stopping smoking, bad breath or snoring.

What will a Belsize Park dentist do?

A dentist in Belsize Park, such as RP Advanced Dental Centre, will offer care to reflect the changing need of patients from childhood to adulthood. It is a good idea to encourage children to get used to going to the dentist, helping to establish good habits in terms of looking after their teeth and attending regular appointments. Some children require braces to straighten their teeth, and this may be something that adults who missed out on treatment earlier in life could benefit from. Adults are often concerned with the appearance of their teeth, and may be interested in cosmetic work such as tooth whitening, crowns or veneers. Patients with missing teeth may find dental implants, bridges or dentures useful. A dentist will also help in an emergency with problems such as knocked out or damaged teeth, severe pain, bleeding, abscesses and extractions.

Care for anxious patients

For up to 13% of people in western countries, severe fear of dentists or dental phobia is a very real problem. This can prevent some people from ever visiting their Belsize Park dentist or make it a very unpleasant experience for others. Fortunately, dentists now make much more of an effort to put nervous patients at their ease. The approach and environment are much more reassuring. Techniques such as the painless Wand anaesthetic or conscious sedation are on hand. This makes having dental care more accessible, helping everyone can get the treatment they need.