Dental Implants: A Procedure with Lasting Benefits

Girl with nice teethThe fitting of dental implants after tooth loss is always being improved upon. Having properly started in the 1960s, it is now a routine procedure, adapted to the patient’s individual needs, that can provide a lifetime of oral health improvement.For people in Sutton Coldfield dental implants are a natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement method.

Starting the Journey

A dental implant can be placed wherever a tooth is missing. Multiple implants can even replace whole sets of teeth if necessary. Once they are fitted, they will last for the rest of the patient’s life, provided the patient has the appropriate oral hygiene regime at home and visits the dentist for regular check-ups.

At many dental practices, like the Sutton Implant Clinic in Sutton Coldfield, dental implants begin with a consultation between the patient and the dental professional. Once the patient’s oral health is good enough, a detailed treatment plan is made.

The Power of Titanium

In the first stage of the implant process, the dentist places a small, screw-like titanium post into the gums, where the missing tooth used to be. After a period of healing, a replacement tooth is then securely fixed to the top of this post. As the titanium post sits in the gums, directly within the jawbone, it stimulates bone growth by transmitting the vibrations that occur in the mouth during talking and eating. Eventually, the bone meshes around the post as it would have done with the original tooth root.

In this way, the dental implant maintains natural jawbone strength where removable dentures do not.The natural firmness of the face’s underlying structure is also ensured, helping to prevent a prematurely aged look that denture wearers often have to endure.

A Brighter Future

Once the patient has received their dental implants in Sutton Coldfield, they’ll be able to enjoy amore natural-feeling oral function than temporary dentures can provide. But they’ll also be healthier, since the implanted teeth are easier to clean and leave no gaps, meaning the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is reduced.

Dental implants are a clinically proven, modern treatment that can have far-reaching benefits for a person’s dental health, appearance, and self-esteem.