Understanding the Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Dental CheckupA lot of people know that they should visit the dentist every six months or so – even if that is not what they do in practice. Regular dental visits are essential not only for maintaining good oral health but also for preventing problems from becoming worse. Gum disease and tooth decay, in particular, can deteriorate your oral health in a small period of time. However, if they are diagnosed at an early stage, patients can avoid complex (and often expensive treatments).

People with a lot of problems with their teeth do, of course, need to visit the dentist often. Generally, the number of visits varies from patient to patient and can only be determined by a dentist in Harley Street, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic. Modern dental examinations use both modern technology and the dentist’s knowledge and experience, all in a pain-free environment.

What to Expect During a Dental Check-Up

Checking the teeth and gums for tooth decay and gum disease is just one part of a thorough dental examination. During a check-up appointment, a Harley Street dentist will also evaluate the health of the mouth and the soft tissues around it and perform a head and neck examination.

An important part of the dental check-up is discussing oral health habits and preventive measures. A Harley Street dentist will also advise patients on the negative effects of smoking on the teeth and gums. If patients require further treatment, they will be presented with a full treatment plan, detailing all costs.

Importance of Hygiene

A dentist or dental hygienist will then clean the patient’s teeth and stress the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene at home between visits.

Professional tooth cleaning is advised, since dental plaque can build up very quickly and lead to gum disease if left untreated. Depending on the oral exam, dental history and any risk for developing cavities, a dental x-ray may be necessary. An x-ray can give the dentist a good view of the jaw, any decay between teeth as well as identifying any impacted teeth or decay in the roots of the teeth.