Mold Remediation Gone Wrong: The Risks of Cross-Contamination

Man removing the moldMold does not only invade exposed and unattended food; it may also invade your home.

Molds are easy to spot on the walls, floors, and ceilings because of their grayish-green color. Moreover, they produce a distinct, stale smell that gets stronger as the infestation grows. This can put your family’s health at risk, which is why immediate action is necessary the moment you notice mold forming in your house.

Mold remediation or removal is, however, not as easy as it sounds. You need to take certain precautions to prevent cross-contaminating the area and spreading them further throughout the house. Besides that, removing mold without the proper covering can put your health at risk, so you need to use the appropriate tools and gear.

Containment: A Must in Mold Removal

The impulse to scrub the mold off the walls using water, bleach, and a hard-bristled brush can be very tempting. Homeowners should resist the knee-jerk reaction, though. All it might do is spread the mold over a wider area instead.

Bear in mind that the spores are very fine that a steady breeze can easily carry them away. They can also cling to clothes and skin, even the very materials you used to scrub them off.

This is why containment is important in mold remediation. In fact, this is the SOP for companies that offer professional mold removal in Utah and other states that experience warm climates and heavy rainfall. Depending on the extent of the infestation, they may request homeowners to evacuate the premises for the duration of the remediation and treatment period.

Additionally, professionals construct a containment “tent” to prevent cross-contamination through the air or unnecessary person-to-person contact.

Health Risk Prevention

The bigger concern with the cross-contamination of mold spores and toxins is that they can negatively affect people’s health. Those who are sensitive to molds may experience skin irritation, irritated eyes, and a stuffy nose. Some may even have difficulty breathing or suffer weakened immune systems.

To be safe, entrust mold remediation work to the professionals. You can trust that they will have proper protective attire and tools to remove infestation without the risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, they may perform other types of testing aside from visual inspection to make sure that your home is completely mold-free.