Your guide to the layers of the skin and Ultherapy in London

Woman With Good SkinThe skin is the largest organ of the body and the only one that is external. It is made up of several layers, all of which affect the way it appears.

Many people want to improve the appearance of their skin with treatments like Ultherapy in London. This is a process that is designed to use the natural composition of the skin and reactions of the body for aesthetic effect.


The epidermis is the visible, top layer of skin. It’s tough, waterproof, and its primary function is protection. When the skin is intact, it is difficult for germs and bacteria to pass through this layer. The condition of the epidermis is something we strongly consider when judging the beauty, health, and age of a person. It is affected by what is going on in the other layers.


The dermis is made up of layers that contain sebaceous glands, hair follicles, lymph vessels, blood vessels, nerve endings, and collagen and elastin. The last 2 substances are what give the skin its consistency. Collagen provides firmness while elastin ensures the stretchiness of the skin and gives it the ability to spring back into shape. These qualities are much sought after by people who want to improve their look through various cosmetic techniques.


The hypodermis is the innermost layer of the skin. It provides insulation and protection – especially around the organs. Its thickness varies from person to person and in different areas of the body. It is made up of collagen, elastin, fat, blood vessels, and various other components.

How does Ultherapy affect the layers?

Ultherapy in London is a cosmetic treatment that targets the deep layers of the skin with ultrasound. This causes the skin to produce a healing response, which includes the production of elastin and collagen. Many factors affect the levels of these 2 substances in the skin but the human body naturally begins to produce less of both as we age. This means that the skin gradually appears to be less full and elastic as time goes by, which leads to wrinkles and sagging in older faces. Ultherapy is designed to prevent and, to some extent, reverse this process to achieve a more youthful, tighter look around the face and neck.