Keep Natural Teeth for a Lifetime with Preventive Dentistry

Girl having a checkup with a preventive dentistPreventive dentistry is one of the essential branches of modern dentistry, helping consumers maintain a beautiful smile, and importantly, a healthy mouth. Through care products and treatments that dentists specializing in this branch have to offer, you can keep your permanent teeth for life.

This then leads to you requiring less dental treatments that cost a lot of money and time. By working as early as now with a preventive dentist here in Cincinnati, OH, you can considerably reduce the two primary causes of tooth loss, which include cavities (also known as caries) and gum disease.

The sooner you enlist the services of such an oral health professional, the greater your chances of having an all-natural set of teeth for life.

What to expect from your first visit to a preventive dentist

The first step that the dentist will carry out is to assess your teeth and gums carefully and thoroughly. From here, he or she can determine which treatment you need as soon as possible.

The primary goal is to boost your oral health as high as possible, to reduce the likelihood of decay or gum disease developing and ruining your smile.

What follows next?

Following the comprehensive teeth and gum examination, the preventive care dentist will then eliminate all of the plaque and tartar covering the teeth and even the surfaces of the gums.

Called “scaling and polishing,” this represents a vital method for preventing decay and gum disease since the substances it removes causes these problems in the first place.

You can also expect your dentist to expand your knowledge about the correct and most efficient methods of thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, especially the areas in between your teeth.

Your dentist will also recommend the most appropriate oral care products you should use, and even give you advice when it comes to your diet.

There are many types of oral health problems that deal irreversible damage, so it is a lot better to keep these from happening rather than having to experience painful symptoms and spend money on more expensive treatments.