Utah is Preparing for Winter: Are You?

Technician installing an HVAC remoteYou cannot rush the seasons, but Utah is already eager to get skiing. The state, which is a popular destination come winter time because of its skiing resorts, is already counting down the days to the official start of ski season

While waiting for the cold weather and snow to set in, however, you should prepare the following. 

HVAC System

Braving winter is nearly impossible without a functional heating system to keep you warm. If you do not want to freeze indoors when the sun is out, it is time to schedule appliance repair appointments in Salt Lake City with your contractor so that the heating system will be fully functional when you need it.

Even if you do not need the air conditioner at this time of year, you still need to have it maintained so that it will work properly when the weather starts to get warm again. 

Snow Tires 

Ski season cannot start until there is a decent amount of snowfall. That means driving on the road is more challenging. To avoid accidents, have your car fitted with snow tires in time for the season's change.

You also need to be more careful about your manner of driving, because the roads are slippery and other cars do not have snow tires. Winter is not the time to be reckless on the road and to avoid safety checks before you head off. 


The cold weather causes your pipes to expand and contract, and the pressure could be so great that they burst and cause problems for your household. Regular pipe inspections can tell you if your pipes need replacement.

You should also be concerned about frozen pipes, so have the water running at the lowest setting for a few minutes to avoid the water from freezing inside the pipes. 

You still have a few months until winter is officially here. Use this time to get everything ready before the snow starts falling.