Must have makeovers with cosmetic dentistry in Loughton

Close up of a woman's smileThese days having a great smile is more important, and more accessible, than ever before. It’s hard to say which came first, the range of treatments available, or the prevalence of straighter, whiter, more even teeth in the UK, but whichever it is, one thing’s for sure, cosmetic dentistry not only enhances people’s looks, it also improves their emotional and oral health.

In Loughton, cosmetic dentistry treatments are available from practices such as Broadway Dental Clinic. The makeover starts on the inside now, with teeth, gums and smiles to die for, thanks to a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that come together in what is known as the smile makeover.

Which treatments?

Most people are aware of something glaringly obvious that needs fixing in their mouths to improve their smiles. There may be a tooth that has not descended properly, or teeth are wonky, discoloured or chipped. But, there may be so much more that can be done to improve their smile, and the best way to find out is to book a consultation for a smile makeover, rather than go in asking for a specific treatment for a specific issue.

Braces for adults

Wonky teeth are an issue for many adults, yet many are also not aware that it’s possible to get teeth straightened no matter how old the person. Depending on what needs fixing, it’s possible to get teeth straightened with appliances so unobtrusive that they are all but invisible. This is a great boon for many adults, who do not wish to be stared at or asked personal questions as they go about their work.

Veneers and cosmetic bonding

These 2 treatments are great for covering over imperfections, from large chips to cracks to mild misalignments. Veneers are sheaths of porcelain that are fixed over the teeth with adhesive. They require the loss of a thin layer of enamel to create a bonding surface and to align the teeth. Cosmetic bonding uses composite materials sculpted over the imperfection by the dentist. It works really well on the front biting teeth, less well on the chewing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry in Loughton also offers gum contouring, white fillings and teeth whitening, to name a bit few more treatments.