What it Takes to Keep the Lawn Healthy and Green All Year Round

Man taking care of the lawnSalt Lake City has many admirable residential gardens and lawns. But it takes updated yard weed control solutions to keep them healthy, vibrant, and verdant all year round.

What does it take to keep the lawn free from plant and animal pests, and growing healthy throughout the seasons? Read on to find out.

Defending against invasive plant species

Weeds can wreak havoc to any lawn. While the best defense against invasive species is robust grass growth, you still have to pay attention to the lawn itself. Look for dandelion, clover, and other broad-leaf weeds. By removing them from the yard at the outset, you are giving the grass a better chance at defeating pests.

Removing the offenders by hand is one approach. If you have a big area to deal with, then perhaps you must consult yard weed control experts in Salt Lake City so that the invasive plants do not get a chance to reproduce and fortify their root systems.

The perfect timing

It is not enough that you have the right type of fertilizer and the best pest killer stored in the garage. You need to know when to apply them for optimal effect. You must know that there are numerous factors to consider in order for the timing of applying fertilizer or weed killer to be considered perfect.

The type of grass varies from lawn to lawn. This is arguably the most important factor to consider when scheduling the application of fertilizer. Since most lawns nurture cool-weather grasses, fertilization in the fall is important. The high potassium fertilizer prepares the grass for better storage of nutrients during the winter. For optimal results, consult with a local gardener and ask for advice on the nutrients needed by the grass variety you are growing, as well as the best time to apply fertilizer.

Fighting invasive plant species is important to maintain a healthy lawn. Consider these ideas in order to win against weeds in your lawn.