Ways to Get Better Sleep at Night

Woman with her good sleepWhen a person thinks of sleeping problems, there are several reasons that come up, but oral hygiene is not one of the first. Often, sleeping difficulties are thought of as a result of oral-related problems, but it can be the other way around, too.

Sleep providers and orthodontists suggest following a healthy sleep routine to promote better sleep and, consequently, reduce oral problems. Here are some tips for poor sleep sufferers:

Use orthodontic appliances that fit properly

Mouth-guards are useful for those dealing with bruxism or teeth grinding, but only if they fit your teeth properly. Orthodontic appliances providers stress the importance of having your mouth-guards custom fitted in an orthodontic laboratory. This is to ensure that your teeth are in the right position while you are asleep. Poorly fitting mouth-guards and aligners as well may cause TMD and other problems.

Do not look at the time

When you cannot sleep, it is almost a reflex to reach out for your phone and check the time. This only increases anxiety, as your mind starts to worry about lack of sleep rather than calming down enough to actually rest. Looking at the phone screen also subjects you to blue light.

Do not oversleep

It is tempting to sleep in during the weekends because you feel like you need to catch up on some rest. However, this habit gives you an irregular sleeping schedule. When Monday rolls in, you find yourself having a hard time getting back to your sleeping schedule for the week. In the long run, this results in poor sleep quality.

Do not drink coffee after lunch

It is normal for people to drink coffee in the morning, but others go for a second or third cup throughout the day. Caffeine stays in the system for up to 12 hours, so if your last drink was at lunch, it could still prevent you from sleeping at night.

Keeping a nighttime routine and sticking to it is the secret to better sleep. Everyone should follow the advice of doctors and orthodontists for an effective bedtime routine.