A Quick Guide to Help You Prepare For an AC Installation

Man installing the AC unitHaving a new air conditioning unit installed will surely improve the air quality and comfort levels within your home. Professional installations would ensure that your unit is energy-efficient and performs at peak performance. Below is a guide to assist you in the preparation process as you wait for the arrival of your contractor.

Choose a Location

Homeowners understand their property layout well. You are therefore in the best position to point out suitable spots where your appliance should be installed. Your contractor would have the final word, though your contribution is going to be very helpful. Your unit needs to be in a location that is away from the direct rays of the sun. It should also not be directly subjected to rain and snow.

Evaluate Your Heating and Cooling Load

Understanding the expected heating and cooling load of your home is vital. Such calculations could assist the contractor in figuring out the type and size of equipment to acquire. Consider the design of your house and the positions of windows and entry points. Also, take note of the heating or cooling needs of different rooms within your premise. This should help you and your contractor decide on the best appliance to buy.

Arrange For Duct Cleaning

To enjoy the best air quality after the installation of a new system, your ducts need to be clean. You could schedule for cleaning a few days before your AC installation. This would ensure that you do not waste time dusting the ducts on the D-day. This is also an opportunity to detect problems with your ducts or potential issues that may arise once your AC unit is installed.

How your air conditioning system is installed would determine its performance. It would also dictate how long your investment would serve you. Ensure that you choose trained, experienced and highly skilled contractors. Such experts could also assist with routine maintenance and repair services.