Typical Causes For Property Damage Claim Denial

A Damaged HouseAfter experiencing a flood or fire disaster in your home, the most horrible news that you can receive is a denial towards your insurance claim. Ensure that you prepare for the worst by knowing what to do to avoid a denial.

Here are the most common causes for denial of a fire damage claim:

You don’t pay attention to exclusion clauses

Remember that each property insurance policy has its own exclusions. If the reason for the damage of your property is in the list of exceptions on the coverage of your policy, then anticipate a denial of your claim.

You don’t have enough evidence of the damage

As a property owner, you must document your claim and submit proof of damage to your insurance company. It is not their job to verify your claim themselves, which is why it is essential to precisely file the damage in your property. The more detailed it is, the better. Do not hesitate to take pictures of the result to help demonstrate your case.

You don’t pay the premiums

It is essential that you continue to settle your premium payments, especially since your insurance company will need you to pay it on time.

You don’t pay on time

If you experienced any damage or loss, your insurance policy lists that you have to inform the company as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there are time-sensitive requisites for documentation and filing of any claim.

You provide doubtful claims or fabricated statements

After you have filed your claim, your insurance company will be sending an adjuster to assess your claim. Once they discover anything debatable or suspicious about the claim or with the original application for coverage, they will deny your claim.

Claims for property damage can be hard and tedious for people who are unaware of the basics of a property claim. Consider getting the services of a professional to help you discuss things with your insurance company, document damages, and file your claim.