A Brief Guide on the City of Bath for Flashpackers

Woman ready to travel to the city of BathThe City of Bath is one of England’s premier tourist destinations. From iconic sights to excellent restaurants, Bath has everything a traveller could ask for. Here’s a short backpacker’s guide to this historic city:

Stay at the city centre

Bath city centre hotels are stylish and complete with everything you’d need. Staying in the city centre means you’re not that far from all the city has to offer.

Bath’s most famous attraction are the Roman Baths built centuries ago by the ancient Romans. Other important attractions that you shouldn’t miss include the Thermae Bath Spa, Theatre Royal and the Jane Austen Centre. You can also visit the numerous pubs, cafes, gardens, markets and museums scattered around the city.

Fly high

Want to experience a bird’s eye view of the city? Take a hot air balloon ride and be captivated by the gorgeous view of the city and the countryside. If you time your trip right, you can even witness an unforgettable view of the sunset from among the clouds.

Join in the festivities

Take part in some of Bath’s biggest festivals and be a local for a day. The most lauded one is the Bath Festival that celebrates music and literature in late spring. This new flagship festival, which supersedes both Bath Literature and Bath International Music Festivals, not only showcases international musicians but also offers tourists a wide range of entertainment for all ages and free creative workshops.

Bath is just an hour and a half away from London by train and a few hours’ drive to the famous Stonehenge. If you’re looking for a historical, countryside experience, Bath is the ideal vacation spot for you.