Do Not be a Victim of Marketing Failures

Employees planning to avoid marketing failuresAny business establishment benefits from a little bit of marketing. Whether it is online or off-line, or a combination of both, there is a need to do it right, unless you want to suffer the backlash. Consumers in Auckland are critical of what they buy and where they place their support, and you do not want to turn them off.

Visibility Matters

The first rule of off-line marketing is that your ads should be in the right places. They should be easy to see even by people on the move. When putting up billboards, choose areas with decent foot traffic, and make sure the people who are passing through are your target market. When communicating with a screen printing company like Signs n Stuff, discuss where the signage will be put up, so they can suggest colour alterations in case indoor or outdoor lighting has to be considered.

Conveying the Right Message

What is an advertisement without a message? It would be pointless if you only have the name of your brand on a piece of paper or a website. You need a spiel, a side or a position. You need to be relevant, so speak the consumers’ language. However, do so clearly, as ads are prone to misinterpretation if you do not design them properly. Take Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial and the outcry of everyone who saw it. You do not want yours to be the Auckland equivalent of such a failed marketing campaign.

Bridging the Gap

Before you release your ad to the public, have a test group see if the message is being delivered clearly and if the ad is easy to understand. Genesis Energy made the mistake of baffling their customers rather than enlightening them about an important topic. This could be a result of the ad creators forgetting that the target audience may not be privy to the same information and terminologies they are familiar with. When looking at your ad, view it from the perspective of the target, not from that of the creator.

Marketing fails are more common than you think. But your ad does not need to be one of them.