Hotels versus Airbnb: What You Need to Stand Out

Breakfast in hotel bedroomThere has been a 50% increase in the number of Airbnb reservations made across Australia. The number is alarming if you are in the hospitality industry, specifically if you are running a hotel. Airbnb offerings may not be as fancy as a hotel, but they are getting the clients that should be going to you.

How do you rectify this? Here are some improvements you should do:

Offer Toiletries

Clients rent an Airbnb primarily to get away from the busy cities when they are on vacation. When they make this choice, however, they are also forfeiting the right to quality services and bedding. Treat your hotel guests better by finding a bathroom accessories supplier to stock up each room with quality toiletries. Include a disposable toothbrush, shampoo, a comb and even a sewing kit for those wardrobe emergencies.

Include a Good Breakfast

Renters may get a good place through Airbnb, but the reservation usually does not include breakfast. They are renting the place, whether it’s a room or an entire house, and nothing else. A hotel has an advantage because they can include a complimentary meal in their rates. To stand out, of course, that food has to count. Serve guests your best Australian brekkie, to give them a great Aussie experience even before they step out of their room. Advertise the breakfast inclusion on your website, so they know what they are getting before they book a room.

Be Available 24/7

When renting a house through Airbnb, the owner usually gets out of the way to give the idea that guests are in their own place.  However, this means no one is tending to their needs, and there is no one to answer any questions. Foreigners on holiday in Australia will appreciate the concierge and the 24/7 service that comes with most hotels. Anytime they have an immediate concern, it can be addressed without needing to wait until morning.

A hotel business need not be threatened by the existence of Airbnb. As long as a hotel offers inclusions that Airbnb cannot, wise guests will know where to book.