3 Reasons to Opt for Temp Jobs in Auckland

Recruiter examining applicantMore people are opting to break away from the stifling 9-to-5 office jobs to embark on more promising prospects in contractual employment. Whether it’s in the ability to balance your own time or to earn money for the actual hours you work, here are a few reasons to try out this work arrangement.

Earn your keep for the hours you work

Quinn Recruitment says the advent of work from home or contractual jobs brings with it the benefit of working on your own hours and balancing your own schedule. For a lot of the younger workers, there is that appeal to have a real work-life balance, one that does not confine you within your cubicle for eight of the prime hours of the day.

Holding a temp work in Auckland allows you to work and earn as per the hours that you spend on a job. According to LinkedIn, the benefit of contractual arrangements is that you are paid by the hour, which lets you adjust not only your time but also the amount that you earn for every job.

Healthcare arrangements are available

If there’s one particular aspect of a permanent job that prevents one from pursuing a more flexible career, it would be the medical benefits. This is the case for companies that offer excellent medical benefits and bonuses.

If you are one of those who cannot give up the medical benefit, there are special arrangements within New Zealand that allow you to get your fair share of such benefits. As per New Zealand Now, NZ’s healthcare services have a fair offer that even non-residents can receive at a lower cost, Community Law reported. What’s more, if you are a work visa holder, there is a chance to benefit from a public health system for free or at a meagre cost, making your first temp work in Auckland more appealing.

Benefits for specific situations

For those who are looking to transfer to NZ to live here permanently, there are also arrangements that one can have, including a potential inclusion and qualification to the benefits system. While holding temp work in Auckland is a good thing, those who qualify as permanent residents can claim some benefits, especially if you have a valid reason that you couldn’t work full-time. There are arrangements to help you out via the income support of the benefits system.

The next time you find yourself ready to move on to a new job, consider these reasons when exploring, and try to give contractual temp work a chance.