5 Common Causes of Leg Pain

Leg painWe are more susceptible to experiencing pain we age. Leg pain might not be as simple as it seems once tests are carried out. But like other parts of the body, there is a variety of causes we are experiencing pain.
The good news is that you need not suffer any further. Leg aches can be treated at a medical facility in St. George. Before you panic on what your condition might possibly be, here is a glimpse of the most common causes of leg pain:

Sprain and strain

People who have an active lifestyle is familiar with this type of pain. It happens when the muscle is overused. Sprain and strain can easily be cured with rest and applying a hot compress.

Broken bones

Fracture or a broken bone can range from mild to severe. Fracture is commonly characterized by swelling and the inability to move the affected part due to intense pain. When one is having a fracture, seeking immediate medical help is advisable.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT happens when there is improper blood circulation in the body, which leads to blood clotting in the leg. While DVT and other types of venous diseases are not detrimental, knowledge on how to prevent this from happening, as well as how to improve blood circulation, is necessary to avoid future problems.


Arthritis is pain associated with the swelling of the joint. There are various causes of arthritis, ranging from hereditary conditions to the food that you consume. The key to managing arthritis knows your triggers and avoiding them to prevent inflammation.

Spine Injuries

The spine is connected to the leg. In some cases, an injury to the spine is reflected through leg pain. If the pain cannot be explained, consult a spine specialist to confirm whether the pain is due to a spinal problem.

Regardless of how you got your leg pain, it is important to consult your doctor and have yourself tested. This will help you know the cause and get the right treatment.