Nourishing Your Body: Types of Wraps

A woman with good skin getting a massageBody wraps are nourishing cocoons designed for different purposes. They can tone and slim your body; hydrate and cleanse your skin; or soothe and relax your muscles. Wraps merge different therapeutic masks with thermal body coverings. What your wrap contains depends on your treatment option.

The masks have a therapeutic effect while the covering helps your body sweat and cleanse while relaxing your muscles. There are different body wraps at a medical spa here in Jericho, New York with each offering various benefits.

Here are the common types of body wraps and their benefits.

Detoxifying Body Wraps

Detox wraps use various products including seaweed, algae, gels, mud or clay to get rid of the toxins in your body. Plastic is then wrapped around the product used and then covered using a blanket for approximately half an hour. The products stimulate your circulation and draw out any impurities.

They then wash off the wrap and apply lotion.

Hydrating Body Wraps

These wraps use gels and cream to soothe, hydrate, and soften your skin. You should get a body scrub before your wrap to ensure the creams do not sit on your outer dead skin cells. The therapist massages the gels and creams into your skin, and you do not wash off.

This wrap can aid your skin in recovering from excessive sun exposure.

Slimming Body Wraps

For slimming wraps, they wrap each limb tightly in bandages soaked in a mineral solution. The solution detoxifies and mineralizes your body. The effect of this wrap is temporary, but it is a perfect solution if you want to look good for a specific occasion.


People often refer to body wrap therapies as body masks or body cocoons. A body wrap is not necessarily a massage, but you can get other treatment options that include a wrap, massage, and body scrub.

You can ask your therapist to play some soothing music to help you relax if you are mildly claustrophobic.