How to Get Millennials to Attend Church Activities

Millennials ready to attend their church activitiesGetting young people to be active in church activities can be challenging, especially in these modern times. With all the apps and games they can play with, not to mention a host of other activities they normally engage in, young adults would rather do anything but go to church. This doesn’t mean that elders should stop trying to convince them to be more active in their communities, though.

Organize Youth-Oriented Activities

Traditional church activities like bingo socials or long, extended sermons may not be appealing to a young crowd. The challenge for today’s leaders is to come up with activities that interest and engage the youth. They obviously like singing and dancing, so concerts and performances are good ways to entice them.

Young people are excited to share their talents and perform during concerts and fund-raisers. Apart from singing and dancing, some also paint, rap, and recite poetry. Others are particularly talented at creating screenplays, which can be turned into a play or short movie.

The key to getting these young people involved is engagement. They want activities that play to their interests as well as allow them to interact with people their age. It also allows them to break the monotony of daily routines since these activities will require frequent rehearsals and more hours creating props and stage design.

Promotion and Marketing of Events

The youth can also actively participate in the marketing and promotion of Church activities. Since they are very active in social media, they can easily upload photos, flyers and sample tickets to their social networking accounts to share information.

If the event is on a large-scale, Brushfire and other experts recommend hiring professional companies instead to handle marketing and sales. While you think that using social media is easy, you might not know how to make an effective copy and graphic and what are the ideal times you should be posting.

These pros are equipped with software and booking tools to make ticket sales easier and hassle-free. They also accept various payment options to make online booking more convenient for your target audience. More options for your market could mean that more of them will be interested.

It may not seem easy, but it’s possible. All you need is to find the right channel and strategies to encourage the young ones.