Exuding Professionalism Without Losing Your Personality in Corporate Portraits

A woman getting her photograph takenEach picture has its own story. Even a person simply sitting in a chair, smiling with a twinkle in their eye has a story to tell. The person may have just remembered a happy memory. Or perhaps they might be smiling mysteriously for a secret shared with the photographer.

The best kinds of portraits display real emotion. When a person is comfortable, their sincerity shines through. To achieve this, the setting can be the subject’s familiar or natural surroundings. They don’t even have to be landscape photography. If any photo — from corporate headshots to environmental portraits in Washington — captures someone where they are most comfortable, we can classify them under environmental photography.

Consistency at Its Core

Clients deciding to rebrand their companies, planning to redesign their website, or looking at taking a photograph to go along with that very important article in a magazine want to convey professionalism. To convey professionalism, clients must focus on consistency and preparedness.

Consistency is present when all photographs in a series have “punctum”. According to one of Roland Barthe’s essays, punctum is a detail or aspect jumps out of the photo and catches the viewer’s gaze and interest. He explains that it compels the viewer to not only look but observe as well.

Preparedness in Uniformity

Preparedness, on the other hand, is present when there is uniformity among photos in a series. This does not mean that photographs have to show the same angles and lighting in every photo. This means that the clients’ photos must be individually unique but still similar. Clients are unique because they each have their own personalities, but they should be similar in a way that each person exudes confidence and professionalism.

Photographs don’t only serve the purpose of preserving memories and nostalgia. They also play a huge role in the corporate world. They can represent many brands — whether they are the brand of a large enterprise or an individual executive. Even with headshots, a good photographer can convey one’s professional character through the factors mentioned above.