Aquatic Exercises You Can Do in a Small Pool

Woman in a small pool working outYou have probably heard before that swimming makes great exercise. Even if you want to swim, how can you exercise, however, if you have limited space in your backyard for a pool? First, aquatic exercise includes more than just swimming.

Secondly, you can then install a small pool within the limited space of your Perth home and still pursue fitness.

Exercise Hard with Small Pools

Plunge pools in Perth homes provided by pool builders such as Guardian Pools can make for great exercise spaces. They will also fit snugly in whatever small space you have available. With such a pool in your home, you can perform the following exercises without ever swimming for fitness.

Whole Body Workout

As a warm-up, you can perform the K-Tread that targets almost your entire body. In neck-deep water, with your arms out on your sides, swish the water back and forth with cupped hands. Lift one of your legs in front of you while you stand on the toes of your other leg.

Hold for five seconds, then switch your legs, and continue to alternate legs until you reach 30 seconds.

Arms-Only Exercise

To target your arms only, you can purchase aquatic dumbbells and perform normal bicep curls but under the water. You can do a normal bicep curl, making sure that you keep your arms underwater for the entire time.

You can do other normal dumbbell exercises under the water to target your arms. You will soon realise that dumbbell exercises are more challenging underwater.

Abs-Only Fitness Challenge

Now, going down your body to your core muscles, you can exercise your abs with noodle crunches. Use a pool noodle, and place it on your shoulders to help you balance yourself. Raising your hips up, perform a regular abs crunch under the water. The challenge lies not only in the crunch itself but also in the stabilisation you have to do while you crunch.

You can find many more aquatic exercises that you can easily do in a small pool in your home. Who now says you need a large swimming pool for fitness?