Types of Land Surveys

A man who surveys a landIn the modern world, surveying has become a widely applicable resource. As a result, most people are left confused on the particulars of surveys, and the advantages that come with them. That said, before getting a land surveyor for your next project; find out whether he or she matches your project.

Construction survey

If you have an upcoming construction project, surveys come in handy right from planning, during the construction process, and in post-construction maintenance. This survey ensures that the construction plan matches the specific requirements of the soil type of that region. This ensures that your building is not at risk of falling. In case, the structure starts shifting or changing form during construction; the survey determines the dimensional positions, as well as the rate at which it is changing and what can be done.

Land surveys

This type of survey seeks to lay down particular details of a piece of land. It does this through written documents and in some cases visual representation of where the boundaries of a land are. They are essential for the first purchase of a home, or when making additional improvements and adjustments to your home. Therefore, if you are planning to build a pool, a deck or a fence, always involve a surveyor to avoid encroachment disputes.

Topographic surveys

Majorly used by government agencies and large industries, topography survey has far-reaching applications that help in the determination of differences in elevation, the horizontal distances, on particular points and places on the surface of the earth. This information is used for mapping, to determine the positioning of roads, building, and fire control routes.

Unfortunately, a majority of people ignore the position and essence of a surveyor in their dealings and projects. This ends up messy in the form of expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. In other cases, the property can be destroyed and lives lost due to negligence. As such, always find a suitable surveyor, even when everyone else thinks it is not necessary.