House-Hunting? Here Are 3 Home Features that are Nice to Have

Home buyers looking for a place with a yardIn the Philippines, homes are often sold in their finished, furnished, semi-furnished or bare form. Often, buyers prefer the finished or furnished types, and for good reason. Wouldn’t it be nice for your next home to have add-ons that will make it appear more complete? If you’re one of those buyers who want to get the most bang for your buck, apparently, you’re not alone. However, there is also something to be said about getting a unit that is bare or unfinished – after all, you can have free reign in choosing your very own finishing touches.

Regardless, here are some of the home features that buyers are looking at for their property purchase:

Built-in cabinets and storage

Home buyers place a lot of value on storage spaces and cabinets when choosing which home to purchase The best cabinets for homeowners are those that don’t need a stepladder to be accessed. They also tend to prefer minimalist but good-looking and sturdy ones, such as those sold in Ikea. When purchasing an unfinished or bare unit, however, keep an eye out for spaces that can be allocated towards storage and in which you can install cabinets.

A yard (or lawn) for the doggies and the adults

An outdoor space is a must-have home feature that buyers are looking at when shopping around for a new home. It’s refreshing and stress-relieving to hang out in one, as numerous studies point out. Interestingly, dogs also need the outdoor space as much as their owners do. Communities like Lancaster New City Cavite, with its Lancaster Cavite’s model houses, understand the importance of green spaces. The area integrates decent-sized lawns and communal gardens where you can walk your cute canine friends, or just sit back and hang out with family and friends.

Special features (e.g. energy-saving and disabled-friendly)

According to The Balance, savvy home buyers tend to also ask about whether a home is energy-saving. Some also ask about whether a home possesses disability features as they want heightened accessibility features not just for disabled family members, but also the rest of the household. The Balance noted that these features are often expensive when they are added to homes; home buyers know they would save more if the home they’re eyeing has these features in the first place.

Keep these ideal features in mind, when you are in the market for your new house – whether as a first-time home buyer or as someone looking to move to a new property.