For Families: 3 Reasons to Go to the Dentists

Patient having her teeth checked by a dentistPeople sometimes take dentists for granted because they think they just clean teeth. However, they do more than just that. If you have not known yet, dental care helps prevent heart disease because it prevents bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

Dental care also helps improve your self-esteem because straight white teeth are something good to look at. There are family dentistry specialists in Avon that would be good for you and your loved ones.

Root Canals

Sometimes the roots or the inside parts of your teeth suffer infection from bacteria. This causes the tissue inside to rot and leave your bloodstream vulnerable to them. You will need a root canal procedure for cases like this.

The dentist drill through your tooth to reach the infected tissue inside, which are then flushed out until the canals or spaces in your tooth are clean. The dentist then inserts a special material in the canals so bacteria will not fill it up again.


In extreme cases, teeth get an infection that is beyond repair that the dentist would have to pull it out. They do this through tooth extraction, which is a procedure that pulls the tooth from the gums. You then have to option of leaving it as is or have veneers put in its place.

Veneers are like temporary teeth that maintain the appearance of your teeth after having a tooth pulled out.

Regular Cleanings

Of course, you could prevent the above cases if you regularly go to the dentist for teeth cleanings. Once your dentist starts cleaning, it involves flossing, gargling, and brushing away plaque or hardened food particles on your teeth with a special tool.

Exposing your young ones to regular trips to the dentist would benefit them since they would realize early on how important it is to maintain healthy teeth.