Window Types: Know Your Options

Home with beautiful windowsDeciding among the different categories of windows is just a part of the window purchasing puzzle. While it is important to know the technical stuff such as energy efficiency, and maintenance procedures, you need first to establish the best window type for your needs.

Selecting the right category of a window affects the functionality and livability of your office. How they open, close and function can be difficult and annoying or convenient and comfortable. In that case, here are commercial window replacement options that are worth considering in your search for perfect windows.

Single- and double-hung windows

These windows have two sashes — one on top of the other. In a double hung window, both sashes move by sliding over one another, whereas the single-hung window has a fixed and a movable sash. The advantage of this kind of windows is that it saves space.

Additionally, they are best for places such as offices where there can be many people stationed at areas that block the opening of windows — an advantage that casement windows don’t offer. If your office has people with mobility issues, these windows can be made to have universal design features specifically customized for their convenience.

Casement windows

Just like doors, these windows open by swinging from one side to the other. This type of window is preferred majorly due to its energy efficiency. The ability to open up allows air to flow into the room and vice versa. Additionally, they also provide a perfect unobstructed view, unlike other window types.

Glider or slider windows

These have one or two sashes that slide over each other to open or close. If you prefer large windows that do not take up a lot of space, then slider windows are a perfect choice. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain, giving you control of the amount of air that comes into or leaves the room.

Selecting the window style and type that you want for your commercial building is half the battle. The remaining half comprises hiring a contractor who can install them perfectly to maximize functionality.