Powerful PPC Tactics That Will Help You Optimize Your Campaign

PPC Concept with hand clicking virtual screenOne of the fastest ways to get quality online traffic to your business site is using a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. A properly executed campaign will improve your sales and propel you to the top of search engines. Most business owners, however, get very low ROI from PPC campaigns.

The major mistake they make is partnering with the wrong Utah SEO Company for their campaign. SEO Werkz will say the same. Getting a committed, qualified and well-equipped company is hence essential. Here are some powerful PPC tactics you should consider to optimize your campaign.

Location Targeting

Most PPC platforms have a location targeting option. The ability to focus your campaigns on a target audience will make a significant difference in your PPC performance. Consider targeting specific zip codes, countries and states. This will be particularly useful in boosting your local market.


This refers to showing your ads at particular times. It can play a fundamental role in showing your ads during peak business hours to ensure people see the ad at the right time. Dayparting can be especially useful when used with analytics data.

The analysis helps know the time most of your clients search for your keywords and set your ads to run at that particular time.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Making your PPC campaign part of your broader synchronized marketing efforts will boost the campaign. Harmonize the message in your ads with your print adverts, PR, and online media purchases. This will increase and solidify your brand recognition.

Online clients will, therefore, view your PPC ad as one from a credible company. Whether you are thinking of starting a PPC campaign or you have been running one, these tactics will significantly amplify your ad.

Get advice from your SEO partner on the best approach for your business to maximize your investment. Remember to measure and track your conversions to know the tactics you should strengthen and those you should drop.