Three Interesting Facts About the Holy Land

Holy LandYou have been longing to go to the Holy Land, and now, you have finally booked LDS Holy Land tours. You are all excited to begin your journey, as you have been dreaming of it for as long as you can remember.

But before you hop on the plane and immerse yourself in a new place, here are three interesting things that you must know about the Holy Land:


Saint Justin Martyr (born c. 100), one of the first Greek writers to utilize both Greek philosophy and Christian revelation, was the first Christian writer to mention the term “holy land.” “Holy land” was seen in his Dialogue with Trypho. In this work, Justin discusses the truth of Christianity with Trypho, a learned Jew.

Souvenir tradition

The act of bringing home a piece of the Holy Land did not start from modern travelers. Byzantine pilgrims coming home from Palestine brought home relics, often oil from the lamps above Christ’s tomb. In Santa Stefano in Bologna, Italy, residents tried to recreate the Holy Land. Known to locals as “Sancta Jerusalem Bononensis” or Bologna’s holy Jerusalem, it is a testament to travelers’ desire to remember their trip with mementos.

Jerusalem Syndrome

Israel’s health ministry records around 50 cases of Jerusalem Syndrome each year. Psychologists describe the syndrome as a phenomenon where foreign visitors suffer psychotic delusions that they are figures from the Bible. Evidence suggests that the Jerusalem Syndrome dates back to medieval times. It is quite interesting to note that while Jerusalem is sacred to all three major monotheistic religions, Jews and Christians, but not Muslims, are recorded to have been afflicted of the syndrome.

The Holy Land is a trip of a lifetime. Be reminded of these three interesting facts about the Holy Land as you bask in its spiritual, historical, and cultural richness.