Types of Wooden Interior Doors to Suit Different Design Needs

Wooden doorThe most important considerations when shopping for a door are security and functionality. The door leading to the outside for example, not only needs to be opening and closing as should but also needs to be secure. What about inside of the house? Are the considerations the same?

There are different types of internal wooden doors you can use for your house that you can buy from vendors such as Triline Quality Door Systems. They come in various designs and styles too, from flush doors to brace doors.

They are also made out of different types of wood. Based on the kind of liners or door sets you want, what options do you have for the rooms inside your house?

Flush doors

These are walls whose sides are flat surfaces. They are pre-finished so that you can choose the kind of painting that will complement your house. Flush doors offer simplicity and tend to be more common in contemporary homes to give them a minimalist feel.

Panel doors

Panel doors divide into panels, giving them a flexibility a flush door cannot enjoy. The boards come in different designs and numbers. In the past, people do not consider them as stylish, but thanks to innovation such as glazing and various paints, panel doors have become much more popular.

You can mould the panels into different shapes to suit your preference.

Framed ledge and brace doors

The brace and ledge doors are fashionable. They are most common in cottages, but you can use them to give your house a traditional feel. This is, of course, if your interior deco complements such an atmosphere.

Brace and ledge doors are available in many finishes and styles so you will not miss anything you like. Typically, the frame is z-shaped and attached to interlocking boards.

From a traditional feel to a clear-cut, easy to clean minimalist feel, these doors can deliver the finish you were looking for in your interior design. Regardless of the model you pick, ensure that your doors comply with fire check standards for safety. Enlisting the help of a professional guarantees this.