5 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Online Marketing

Man pointing to the online marketing infoSocial media has allowed us to share content at once and in an efficient manner, whether they’re photos, opinions, or events. It has changed our way of life, especially in how we conduct our business. It’s now evident how more companies are engaging in online marketing instead of traditional channels like print or television. Indeed, you can get the services of experts from virtually anywhere. Even an Internet marketing agency in Massachusetts can handle your social media accounts and boost your business wherever you are in the country.

By making social media campaigns part of your marketing strategy and making sure they’re designed to get your target audience engaged, you can expect a boost in your brand. This, however, should be a sustained and consistent drive to get maximum results.

Keeping an eye on social media trends will also guide you on your next course of action to get your initiative rolling. From the experts, here are some developments expected to happen this year:

Sample products through augmented reality

Once solely used for gaming, augmented reality is seen to be used in the future to market products. This can be projected into the homes of social media users so they have an idea of how these items will look or feel before buying them.

Gen Z overtakes Millennials as focus of marketing campaigns

With Generation Z members not older than 22, they will become more of a target audience for many companies. This means the apps they love most, which include Snapchat and Instagram, will become the main battleground for their marketing campaigns.

Live streaming will go mainstream

Previously a simple novelty, live streaming will be used more by companies to attract the attention of social media users, especially if it’s compelling content like an exciting race or a unique product demonstration.

And so will digital hangouts

It’s how Gen Z-ers come together online, with Houseparty serving as the pioneer and one of the most popular video hangout platforms. Facebook is reportedly looking at the same direction, possibly creating their own platform eventually.

Connecting in VR

Aside from helping people to hang out with friends digitally, Facebook is also poised to allow its users to connect in virtual reality through its project called Spaces. This shouldn’t be a surprise since Mark Zuckerberg’s company also owns virtual reality hardware and software company Oculus.

These social media trends expected to happen this year will certainly impact the public and create new behaviors on social media. Companies aiming to take advantage should be preparing for these as early as last year.