Loft Design Ideas for 3 Different Personalities

Work from home officeSo, you finally cleared out that attic, have some extra space in the house, and been losing sleep about what to do next. A spare bedroom? A music room? A study? Just thinking about the different people you’ll have to deal with almost makes you want to forget you had that space.

Home extensions expert Pro Renovations Bromley Lofts believes that a loft conversion should be done by one company alone to ensure a smooth and continuous process. Try to look for loft conversion companies that can do everything from carpentry to electric work to plumbing.

Then you can choose from these awesome loft ideas that will give you a quiet place where you can spend your free afternoons.

Your Work-From-Home Office

More can now work from home because of the Internet and the many opportunities in digital marketing. Putting up a wooden desk wall mixed with brown, white and beige furniture and fixtures will make for an elegant but warm office right on the top floor of your own home.

An Extra Bohemian Room

There will always be that friend who loves the Bohemian chic home design. Use mandala bedsheets or draperies. Attach warm yellow string lights to the ceiling. Mix pinks with oranges or contrast blues with yellows.

Have an area for beanbags and pouffes for those late night conversations with wine and cheese.

A Don’t-Disturb Music Zone

If you’re a music person by heart, turn your loft into a studio. Soundproof the walls and doors and add acoustic treatments. Purchase an aqua blue sofa bed to go against your dark brown and orange walls and carpets.

Set up your workstation and bring in your instruments so you can set your creative juices free.

Remember that lofts are also a good place for stargazing and blue-sky daydreaming. Having skylights installed with any of these ideas will add a laid-back feel to your brand new, cosy personal space.