Managing Fly Infestation in Your Home

Close up image of a flyFlies fly from surface to surface. When their tiny, hairy feet touch the surface of our food, they might be carrying harmful particles or disease-carrying microorganisms. You do not want to spend time with friends on the patio with flies hovering over the food you have prepared. What can you do to solve your problem with flies?

Getting professional help

Before you plan to host an outdoor gathering, you can call for pest control services in Salt Lake City to implement a management plan that works. Fly control treatment done by professionals ensures better population control.

Minimizing fly populations

Sanitation, specifically proper waste disposal can minimize the population of flies infesting the house. Figuring out how they are getting in from the outside is important as well. A small tear on the window screen may be the entry point. Tears in the weather stripping must be repaired, otherwise, they might serve as entry points for flies, too.

Home remedies

Eliminating flies from the property requires much work, but there are effective home remedies you can try out first before resorting to commercial products, or professional services. Bay leaves, basil leaves, and lavender growing in the yard or in pots near the house is natural fly repellants. Lemongrass spray is particularly effective and freshens the air as well. A mixture of sugar, milk, and pepper knocks the flies out, too.


Commercially available flytraps are helpful. Baiting is the best option when it is difficult or improbable to eliminate the source. Baits are typically designed for mounting on walls and other surfaces near place frequented by flies. The mounting systems may either be screws or zip ties. These devices can keep the current fly population low.

Flies carry diseases and are truly annoying. The eggs hatch quickly and populations are difficult to control. You can make your home a comfortable place free from flies if you know about home remedies, fly repellants, and consider professional services.