How to Manage Your Asthma if You Have a Pet

sleeping dog on a couchAsthma is a respiratory condition that causes inflammation of the airways, making it difficult to breathe. One of the known triggers of an asthma attack is pet dander or the tiny flakes of skin shed by an animal with fur, hair, or feathers. If you go to an animal hospital in Los Angeles, they can tell you how much of a shedder your pet is. But how does it affect you if you have asthma?

Where to Begin

If you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, your doctor have surely advised you not to have pets. Try to get the advice of your veterinarian, as well. To most doctors, all furry and feathery pets can cause asthma. But veterinarians know which breeds shed the less dander.

What to Do

Maybe you don’t have to get rid of your pet right away. Try these tips and see how it affects your condition:

1. Keep pets out of your bedroom. If you’ve been letting your pet sleep in your bed, change your beddings and use dust-mite covers. Dust-mites also cause asthma attacks and love feeding on pet dander.

2. Vacuum more often. If done regularly, vacuuming can rid your home of pet hair that are stuck in carpets, furniture, walls, and floors.

3. Use products that neutralize pet dander. There are now dog shampoos in the market that claim to reduce shedding by keeping your pet’s skin moisturized.

4. Let someone else bathe and brush your pet’s hair. You can still play with your pet, but avoid hugging and kissing them. If you pat them or stroke their backs, be sure to wash your hands right after.

Some asthma cases are worse than others. Learn how to listen to how your body reacts to this trial and error process and respond to it accordingly. It’s always best that you work with both your vet and your doctor to find a way to live with your pet harmoniously.