Cowboy Hats Are More Than Just for the Western Garb

cowboy fashionThere is so much more about cowboy hats than wearing it with Western-themed garb. Cowboy hats originally have many functions. Making straw cowboy hats useful for many things has been the principle since it was first introduced.

Cowboys wear their hats not just for fashionable purposes or to exude the true rodeo style. They primarily block off the elements, from sun and rain to wind and snow.

You can use it for many different functions, so you won’t regret having it in your wardrobe, especially if it has been sitting there for a long time.

1. The Perfect Wall Decor

One of the many things you could use your straw cowboy hats for is as a suitable wall accent to make your Western-inspired bedroom a hit. This makes for a smart way to store your collection as well.

Imagine a wall full of different cowboy hats. It would be such a treat to the eyes to have varying shapes and sizes of hats accentuating your bedroom wall.

2. A Nice Room Accent

Cowboy hats can make a stylish difference even when you don’t wear them or hang them on the walls. You could place them on top of a consul or coffee table and use one as a focal point of your room design.

You could also place it flat top down and let it double up as a container of your things. Just make sure none of those items you put in spills to keep the form of your hats.

3. As a Hat, Period

When you are not always in a fashionable mode, how can you maximize your cowboy hats collection? Use it as it is, as a hat. Hats have many uses. You can wear it to block the sunlight and rain. You can use it to put away the hair off your face.

No matter where you are going — out in the garden or to the shopping mall — you could wear the hat and let it function as it should.

Whether you want to use cowboy hats for their intended use or fashion purposes, you can’t deny they have many uses.