Fixing Clogged Toilet: Tips And Tools

a toilet being repairedClogged toilets can occur from time to time. A reason might be flushed foreign materials such as tissue and sanitary papers, or any other deposits that do not fall apart or crumble when mixed with water. These tend to stay, causing the water not to sink.

You can get the services of a plumber in Park City like All Hours Plumbing to help you repair it. But what if you need to fix it immediately?

Here are some ways to repair clogged toilet on your own. It’s somewhat of a hassle, but hey, someone has to do it now.

Test How Clogged the Toilet Is

This first step is to know how clogged your toilet is. To do this, flush a little amount of water and see if it sinks down. When water sinks down in one to two minutes, it means that the toilet is partially plugged. Otherwise, it’s clogged.

Use a Plumbing Snake

This flexible auger has a loose, coiled metal on its end and is used to loosen up blockage of your toilet. This is also used in fixing clogs in kitchen and bathroom sinks if plungers don’t work.

To use, insert the end of the plumbing snake in the drain opening, and then push it down until you hit the clog. Twist it in different ways to hook its tip to the clog. Push and pull to loosen up the blockage until the water starts going down.

Pull out the auger completely from the toilet and use the flange plunger to clear the rest of the clog.

Use a Plunger

A plunger produces suction to help remove the clog and make the water sink in the toilet. It has two types: the cup plunger (the one with the red, cup-shaped rubber and a wooden handle), is used to fix bathroom and kitchen sinks; and the flange plunger, which is for fixing toilets.

If the toilet is full of water, make it at least half-full to avoid the mess. Place rags on the floor around the toilet in case water splashes. Position the flange plunger on the drain opening, making sure it is completely covered. If not, place a towel around the plunger, and then start pumping.

To test if the process is effective, pour a cup of water or more in the toilet bowl and see if it sinks. If not, repeat once or twice more.

A clogged toilet is always a major hassle in any household, but with these tips, you can solve the problem on your own. Or until the plumber is called in.