5 Incredible Health Benefits of Powerlifting

Woman powerliftingWhen talking about female powerlifters, women often picture a bulky physique and intimidating lifts. This popular misconception prevents many of them from reaping the benefits of powerlifting. Here are the top reasons this exercise can help you achieve a Wonder Woman-like figure.

It creates a sense of community

There are many supportive communities for powerlifters. When you’re new to the program, you’ll be able to meet new friends and have fun learning at your chosen personal training studio for women in Danvers, MA. Many people are quickly learning the incredible effects of intense lifting, and you’re sure to find added encouragement with your routine.

It improves bone health

Studies show that training for strength can improve bone health and decrease the chances of osteoporosis. The high-intensity resistance workout can significantly increase bone mineral density, develop muscle mass, and enhance balance.

It will help with all your other training

The experience, skills, and strength you’ll gain from heavy lifting will serve you well in any other fitness regimen you wish to pursue in the future. This is especially effective for those who want to switch their training from strength to a more aesthetic-focused routine. Powerlifting increases mobility and endurance, which are extremely helpful for any exercise.

You’ll lose belly fat

Research from the University of Alabama shows that women who do powerlifting lose more intra-abdominal fat than those who only focus on cardio exercises. You can say that defined abs are a side effect of lifting heavy weights as it recruits your core.

You’ll feel empowered

Enjoying your newfound strength from powerlifting comes with a huge self-esteem boost. All your hard work will show through your lean, toned body. Seeing how your training paid off can positively affect your attitude and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Fitness experts insist that every woman should not only lift weights but also lift heavier weights. Even if you’re already pleased with your workout, you can still benefit from the wonders of powerlifting.