Carpet Cleaning: Methods Applied by the Professionals

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The number of companies outsourcing their carpet cleaning has risen significantly. This is attributable some reasons, one of them being that these companies utilize different modern methods to effectively clean carpets.

With that said, for you to be able to choose a suitable method of cleaning your carpets and thereby an appropriate company, you need to be aware of the ways that can be used to clean your business carpet.

For instance, when looking for office cleaning services, such as La Mesa’s, you might want a company that offers bonnet cleaning. Here, they clean only the top parts of the carpet using specialized equipment.

The carpet dries faster, allowing your business to resume to normal operations. However, bonneting is only useful as a short-term fix. Other cleaning methods include:

Hot water extraction

Typically this method goes by steam cleaning and utilizes hot pressurized water to remove dirt from the fibers of the carpet. The cleaners use the hot water alongside a cleaning agent. After which, they brush and rinse the carpet.

It is then left to dry at a conditioned temperature. An average office carpet would take up to 6 hours to go through the process.


Here, the cleaning services use a synthetic detergent, which crystallizes upon drying. Dirt particles in the carpet will be in the powder, which they will vacuum after that. Encapsulation is an excellent pick for offices without access to plenty of water. It also takes little time to dry.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method has zero drying time. Invented in the early 80s, it has been gaining popularity since. In the method, the service provider applied a cleaning compound to the bottom of the carpet with a rotating brush and allowed to settle in.

The cleaning material works like a micro-sponge to absorb dirt. The cleaners remove it at the end of the process. The operation will not interrupt office working hours.

If you would rather a more traditional option, you can ask for shampooing services. However, you have to be willing to wait as long as it takes for the carpet to dry. Regardless of your pick, ask your consultants to recommend a good time to carry out the cleaning processes so that it does not interfere with work.