Why Students and Professionals Choose London

Double-deck bus in night at LondonMany people dream of pursuing their career or getting a diploma abroad. The thrill of exploring a new country and the prospect of immersing in a completely different culture entice students and professionals to head out of their home countries.

With its charming cityscape and rich history, there are many places in London with affordable accommodation, which makes it a particularly attractive choice. It is the largest city not just in the United Kingdom, but also in Europe.

It attracts thousands of tourists each year, serving as a cultural melting pot. In fact, over 300 languages are spoken in London. But what is there to see in this city?

Big Ben

Perhaps the most iconic clock tower in the world, Big Ben is located at the Palace of Westminster. Its name actually refers to its large hour bell. It is the largest clock in Great Britain. It is not publicly accessible, but it is still grand from the outside, as proven by the many flocks of tourists that come by to take pictures each day.

London Eye

The London Eye is a giant observation wheel at the South Bank’s Jubilee Garden. Constructing it took over a year and a half, with its capsules coming from France. Many famous landmarks are visible from the Eye, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.

Buckingham Palace

The British Royal family owns the Buckingham Palace, with a flag hoisted up for every time the Queen’s inside the palace. During the summer, when the Royal family is not there, you can visit some of the rooms. The daily changing of the guard in front of the palace always draws spectators.

There are dozens more of sights to see in London, and with the abundance of accessible and affordable accommodation, the city can be an excellent place for anyone to enjoy their stay.