Conservatory: The Most Versatile Room of the House

conservatory beside a homeConservatories were fashioned after the houses of the aristocracy. Royal families typically had an orangery attached to their homes as a show of wealth and a luxurious way to entertain their guests.

The trend spread, thanks to the advances in the materials that conservatory builders and contractors use. Today, as Conservatory Craftsmen observes, conservatories are still a popular way to entertain. But besides that, these rooms have lots of other uses too:

Home Office

A home office is a must for anyone who is self-employed but unfortunately, not all homes have sufficient space. Often designed with huge, clear windows, a conservatory offers a well-lit space where you can complete clerical tasks away from the hustle and bustle of the main family rooms. It can also be a study area for your kids when they have to do their homework.

Second Living Room

A conservatory can be used as a second living area, too. If your husband wants to watch television in the living room but you want to read a book quietly, you can simply go to the conservatory for a bit of alone time.

Dining Room

Some smaller properties don’t have a separate dining room, so a conservatory can be the spot where you can place a dining table and chairs. This can be used for occasions such as birthdays and holidays when your kitchen and living areas no longer have enough room for the guests.

Gym Room

If you want your own home gym but don’t have any extra space inside your house, you can build a conservatory or turn your existing conservatory into a small gym. Run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike while enjoying the view of your lawn.

Game Room or Playroom

For new parents, a conservatory provides an area to store children’s toys so there’s less clutter in the bedrooms. Alternatively, it can be used as a game room that features a pool table, arcade, and more.

Conservatories are a stylish and affordable way to add space to a home. As well as having a light and airy extra living space, homeowners can discover a variety of new ways they can use their conservatory.